eBay Fee Calculator

Calculate your eBay seller fees easily with our eBay Fee Calculator. It’s free to use and helps determine how much you will make after eBay fees.

When selling on eBay, you must take eBay fees and PayPal fees into consideration. There are many ways to calculate your eBay seller fees, however our fee calculator gives you an easy and accurate way to determine your profit or loss when selling on eBay.

eBay selling fees and eBay listings fees can sometimes be confusing to calculate on your own. You might not make the correct fee calculation and sell something for less than you should have. This can result in costly losses on the items you sell.

Many people ask “How much will I actually make if I sell it on eBay?” The answer is simple when you use our eBay fee calculator. Begin by selecting the type of listing format: Auction, Fixed Price, or Store. Each listing format has a different eBay fee structure, so by sure to select the correct type. Next, you will want to select any “listing upgrades.” These will add to your eBay final value fees and affect how much you make.

We have PayPal Transaction Fees set at the standard introductory level (2.9% + $0.30). As your monthly PayPal transaction volume increases, you may qualify for lower PayPal fees. If you qualify for lower PayPal transaction fees, select the appropriate fee structure.

eBay Store subscribers receive final value fee discounts. Casual eBay sellers do not need to subscribe to an eBay Store. If you regularly sell on eBay, consider starting an eBay Store for reduced eBay insertion fees and eBay final value fees. eBay Store subscribers receive a 75% savings on final value fees. Depending on your volume of sales and average sale price, these discounts can add up. If you have an eBay store set up, select the type of store so your eBay fees are calculated correctly.

Finally, select the eBay category that corresponds with the type of item you are selling. Each category has a different fee structure, so be sure to select the correct category. If your item does not fit into one of the category items, select “all other categories.”